[Glue!] The Glue Logic: Software Distribution

 !!! Terms and Conditions for Distribution

All of the programs and libraries distributed under this page are copyrighted by Masayuki Takata. The word "PROGRAM", used in this "Terms and Conditions for Distribution", refers to any of these programs, libraries, and any portions of them.

You may create your own copies of PROGRAM for your private use, and you also may compile and/or execute them. But, there may be bugs or other difficulties in PROGRAM. These PROGRAM are provided "AS IS" with "NO WARRANTY". Entire risk on using these PROGRAM is with you.
Re-distributing these PROGRAM is prohibited without written permission. All users are requested to fetch the PROGRAM one by one, from this web site.

If you have comments, please feel free to write me.

System Server Softwares

The following is the server of the Glue Logic system itself. This is not a "Server Agent." Do NOT confuse.
o Server : A vanilla server, implemented in perl5
A Glue Logic server with full spec functionality. But slow.

Application Program Interface Packages

o GlueLogic.pm : API for perl5
A Glue Logic API package. Place this code within the library search path for your perl version 5 language processor. This implementation needs the support of the queuing program written in C, which is listed below.

o GlueLogicChar.pm : Special purpose API for perl5
A special version of Glue Logic API package. This package recognizes every one byte from STDIN. As every byte from STDIN becomes an element of @GlueLogicStdinQueue, application program can behave for each keystroke.
All other functions are identical to GlueLogic.pm package.

o GlueLogicQueue.c : A high speed queuing service
A small program which implements the queuing of the messages sent from the Glue Logic Server system. Compile this program, name the executable as GlueLogicQueue , and place it within your command search path.

General Purpose Application Agents

o Glue : A universal Glue Logic user interface written in perl5
The most primitive but most universal interactive tool to access a Glue Logic server. Though complete knowledge on the transaction protocol of the Glue Logic system is required, you can use and/or test full capability of the Glue Logic.

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