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What's the Glue Logic

The Glue Logic is the infrastructural system which is designed to make building manufacturing work-cell control systems easy and flexible. The Glue Logic binds multiple application software modules developed and compiled separately, and coordinates those modules by means of the inter-process massage passing. As the Glue Logic supports event notification and condition monitoring features based on active database scheme, users can easily build event-driven application programs.

The application software modules using the Glue Logic are free from polling shared data, waiting for notification messages. All the data and application modules are represented by symbolic names, and are accessed without any other knowledge about their implementation. Each application software modules can be developed concurrently, and those modules are added, deleted or changed freely without modifying other existing modules.

As the result of these, Glue Logic compliant software modules are easy to re-use, and the users can build large libraries of application software modules. As some modules in the libraries may be shared among various users, the life cycle of the software modules are extended and the cost for software development is reduced.

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The Principles of Operation

The Glue Logic User's Guide

The Glue Logic Application Program Interface

The Glue Logic Protocol Specifications

The Factory Automation Programming Language System

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