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Information Technology Center (ITC),
The University of Electro-Communications (UEC)

1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-8585, Japan
Buld. RECSIS, 4th Floor, Room #442
Telephone: +81-42-443-5717, Facsimile: +81-42-484-1598
E-mail address: takata@cc.uec.ac.jp

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o Research Theme
Research on Distributed Manufacturing Work-Cell Control System, Research on the Real-Time Applications of the Knowledge-Base System
o Research Interest
Distributed Manufacturing Work-Cell Control System, Problem Solvers, Knowledge Representing, Knowlegde-base, Real-time Control, Operating Systems, Programming Languages
o Societies
Japan Society of Precision Engineering, Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, Information Processing Society of Japan, Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, Astronomical Society of Japan , IEEE
o Interests
Astronomy (Star watch, Taking photos of star field, Celestial dynamics , Cosmology), Human-being ( Phycology, Anthropology, Ethology, Medical science), Reading books (especialy Sci. Fi.), Designing computers, Going for drive
o Book I wrote
The Evolution on Programming Language Interpreters (In Japanese) , CQ Publish, ISBN 4-7898-3119-1

List of My Works

Here is the list of works.
And, here is the abstruct of my doctoral theses , but is written in Japanese. Sorry...
The followings can be read on the Web, but some are written in Japanese.
o 高田昌之:
1996年度精密工学会 春季大会講演論文集 B-21, pp.53-54 (3/25/1996)
o 高田昌之:
1995年度精密工学会 秋季大会講演論文集 D-34, pp.425-426 (9/30/1995)
o 高田昌之, 中須賀真一, 大須賀節雄:
1995年度 人工知能学会全国大会(第9回)論文集 12-06, pp.251-254 (7/27/1995)
o Takata, M.:
 "A Programming Environment for Factory Automation"
Proc. of Symp. on Manufacturing Application Programming Language Environments, Ottawa, Canada, Oct. 4-5, 1993, (10/5/1993)
o 高田昌之:
精密工学会誌, Vol.58, No.10, pp.1649-1651 (1992)
o Takata, M., Hasegawa, M., Matsuka, H.:
 "A Unified Environment for Production Operation" (Extended Abstract only)
Proc. of Symp. on Manufacturing Application Programming Language Environments, Ottawa, Canada, May 14-15, 1990, pp.85-94 (5/15/1990)

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